Dermatology - Hair Implant Bucharest

Our Clinic was established in 1997 as mixed Romanian-Austrian medical service specialized in scalp conditions treatment and hair restorations.

Initially, the Surgery Team was trained in Austria and USA. In 2002, the Clinic’s Manager, Dr. Irinel Nedelcu M.D. launches the Hair Conditions Complete and Complex Diagnosis and Treatment Programme. Our Clinic’s fifteen-years experience is in continuous expansion and thus offers, due to its modern technical equipments and to its medical staff, skilled in hair transplantation, the certainty of ever lasting esthetic results and relieves the discomfort caused by loss and thinning of the hair.

Everything is achieved respecting the most strict Safety Protocols and entirely compliant with National Infections Control Guidance. The guaranteed success of the procedures maintains our clinic in the Top of Trichology services. We are members of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons, with which we constantly liaise with for upgrade information and improvement of techniques.

A team consisting in 5 Consultants and 5 Specialist Nurses are managed by Dr. Irinel Nedelcu M.D. , PhD who has been treating hair conditions for 15 years, member of ISRS (the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery), Vice President of SRLMC (The Romanian Society of Lasers in Medicine and Surgery), member of EADV (the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology), member of AAD (the American Academy of Dermatology) and publisher of various papers on hair conditions and transplantation.


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Dr. Irinel Nedelcu Dr. Nedelcu Irinel M.D., PhD

Consultant Dermatologist, Vicepresident of the Romanian Society of Lasers in Medicine and Surgery, member of the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery, member of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology member of the American Academy of Dermatology, with several works published on hair diseases and hair transplantation.

Here below we show you suggestive photos on individuals, which clearly prove a few of the successes in transplant with own hair.

Man with androgenetic alopecia - medium size

Hair Implant

Restoring hair on the burn scars

Hair Implant

Woman with pelade

Hair Implant

Woman with androgenetic alopecia

Hair Implant

Man with androgenetic alopecia - large size

Hair Implant


I got big bald ever since I was 27, I used to think that at least I had tried hardly all the possible drugs. At 52 years I had an implant, now my hair is growing again as pretty as very long time before, it's incredible!

Nethan V., 53 years old - Haifa, Israel


I don't quite believe in miracles, I was sorry I didn't have hair, but I admit I wasn't following any treatment, I've been told it's useless. My fiancée scared me that she's not going to marry with a bald guy … so I got covered pretty well by hair implant. She says I've got 10 years younger, may be.

Ionut Mihalcea, 29 years old - P. Neamt


I had pelade, I used to wear a wig all the time. I was spending about 2000 $ on treatments, with no visible result. After the implant my life has changed, deeply thank you from my heart!

Oana B., 35 years old - Bucharest