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For information only. May be different in a concrete case.
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Dr. Joudah
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Treatments Prices
Consultation free
Superficial Cavity Filling 35 euro
Medium Cavity Filling 45 euro
Deep Cavity Filling 60 euro
Esthetic Composite Filling 75 euro
Composite Crown Restauration 90 euro
Root Canal – 1 tooth 45 euro
Root Canal – 2 tooth 70 euro
Root Canal – 3tooth 90 euro
Roof canal filling - 2 canal tooth 70 euro
Roof canal filling - 3 canal tooth 100 euro
Bleaching 100 euro
Simple tooth extraction 35 euro
Wisdom tooth extraction 100 euro
Extracion with bone restoration 280 euro
Porcelain Crown on Crom base 100 euro
Porcelain Crown on Gold base 400 euro
Porcelain Crown on zirconium base 200 euro
Semi-mobile partial prosthesis 500 euro
Total Mobile Prosthesis 700 euro
Temporary Prosthesis 50 euro
Tooth Implants 450 euro
“Fateta” Unit (cosmetic) 200 euro

Dent Art Bucharest - Prices
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Treatments Prices
Consultation free
Anesthesia 10 euro
Superficial cavity filling 45 euro
Medium cavity filling 55 euro
Deep cavity filling 70 euro
Esthetic composite filling 85 euro
Composite crown restoration 100 euro
Roof canal filling - 1 canal tooth 55 euro
Roof canal filling - 2 canal tooth 70 euro
Roof canal filling - 3 canal tooth 100 euro
Retrait 50 euro
Air flow 45 euro
Bleaching 280 euro
Simple tooth extraction 45 euro
Ultrasonic scaling, professional tooth cleaning, air flow, fluoridations 90 euro
Permanent filling, superficial caries, fissure sealing 50 euro
Complicated tooth extraction 90 euro
Extraction with bone restoration (osteoplastic materials) 300 euro
Porcelain crowns:
Porcelain crowns on Cr – Co base 180 euro
Porcelain crowns on titanium base 250 euro
Porcelain crowns on gold platinum base 400 euro
Porcelain crowns on zirconium base 450 euro
Semi-mobile partial prosthesis on locks 700 euro
Total mobile prosthesis 300 euro
Temporary prosthesis 50-100 euro
Dental implants 450 euro
Dental implant abutment
- titanium 200 euro
- zirconium 400 euro
Veneers 400 euro
Metallic crown 80 euro
Porcelain crown on implant 250 euro
Full ceramic crown 400 euro
Fiber post 70 euro
Semi-mobile partial prosthesis without locks 550 euro